This site is documentation and archive of MettaVerse, a 2006 interactive audio project by Nanette Wylde.

Metta is a Pali word meaning unattached loving kindness.
Verse is the expression of love in words.

Stop Audio.

MettaVerse originated as a site specific installation in which motion sensors physically triggered the playing of an audio file which was a recording of someone saying "I love you." The audio files were randomly played from a database of people speaking in different languages.

In 2007 the project was published online. In addition to saying "I love you" this version of MettaVerse invited the Internet audience to submit their own voice recordings to the database; and allowed for the anonymous sending of an email which also said "I love you."

The software used for both versions of MettaVerse was Flash. In 2020 Adobe initiated end-of-life for Flash, meaning support for Flash projects was discontinued, and that browsers and the Internet audience were discouraged from allowing Flash projects to play on their computers. Thus, this documentation here.

The realization of MettaVerse was made possible by a fellowship from Anderson Ranch Arts, 2006.